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Sat, Feb 26



Being Black in STEM

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Being Black in STEM
Being Black in STEM

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Feb 26, 2022, 2:00 PM EST



About the Event

Black History Month Have you heard of gameschooling? Students love to learn through play. Game play is  a great way to motivate students to hold on to content. For this class students will 30 minutes - Learn about the topic of Black History to include decolonized information about Influential Black people in the STEM fields. First we will have a lecture for 15-20 minutes then play a friendly game of Kahoot as a fun way to make the learning stick. Students may need some help from parents to set up another device or split screen to play Kahoot. Our  African American studies courses are designed to develop an understanding of the causes, character, and consequences of the African American experience and its influence on the world, the United States, and the African American community. Beginning with a historical, geographical, social, political, economic, and cultural understanding of the African continent, the course will provide a descriptive and corrective overview which will introduce the student to the study of the African and African American experiences. Why start here? Most Eurocentric curricula begin African American history with their enslavement, completely leaving out the rich cultural history many Africans had in their own societies. By teaching students about history from a non-Eurocentric perspective, you build a deeper respect and self-confidence in black children and allies who learn this early. Resources used that deal with racism and discrimination will be handled in a gentle yet inquisitive way to promote the openness and learning of others. Students will be taught how disagree in a positive manner. The sources used in class need to come from widely respected scholars/professionals in the field including Darlene Clark Hine, William Hine, and Lisbeth Grant-Britton, and Dr. Molefi Kete Asante  (All African American Educators and well respected authors, writers, and leaders in their fields) All resources and articles used  are written by highly respected black authors and leaders in their fields and are widely regarded as the best options when comes to teaching history from a decolonized perspective. All of the resources used discuss racism and discrimination as African Americans have experienced this since slavery began in the America. They are objective resources and state historically accurate facts of the issues surrounding the topics of slavery, discrimination, and racism against marginalized groups but still in a historically accurate and developmentally appropriate manner. For resources dealing with racism and discrimination, a gentle approach is used and age appropriate for student's developmental level. Some great resources that discuss how to talk to children about racism are,, and finally We do a lot of discussion in this class. Oral discussion is a research backed way to help students build comprehension skills as well as develop and helping to retain information. I ask a lot of questions and may call on students to help build rapport and confidence. I encourage participation but am sure to be positive and kind when giving feedback. During undergrad and graduate school I took the following courses which make me qualified to teach this subject. I  have a degree connected to the topic they are teaching or additional training/education related to the topic. Intro to the Study of History African-American History World History American History During my college courses and afterwards I have also had to study the following books Through Our Own Eyes: A Journey into African American History by Joseph Edelin M.Ed. African American History: A Journey of Liberation by Dr. Asante They Came Before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima Black Indians: A Hidden History by William Lorenz Katz A Young People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn I have also completed a course using the textbook Classical Africa by Dr. Asante I have also completed this course: Unit 1: Ancient Africa - The Cradle of Civilization from  Education for Life Academy: Where Black History Lives As well as learned all the content in the African Studies Institute from the University of Florida found here I am a Florida certified guidance counselor with a Master's in School Counseling. My graduate degree required classes on issues of cultural inclusion, race, and diversity. I have also taught anti-racism and social studies  during my time as a teacher and school counselor in public schools. Specifically I had to take: Counseling Theories and Applications Cultural Diversity and Advocacy Mental Health in Schools Counseling Children and Adolescents


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