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In-Person Meetups

Our Kind Co-op Class is a great way for families to get to know each other and an excellent way for the kids to socialize. Each of our tuition levels includes a minimum of two meet-ups per month. Enrolled families are also able to set up group events in our private community of learners. This helps to build relationships and grow deeper friendships. Each Kind Co-op meetup aligns with our project-based curriculum and students have a chance to do Nature and STEAM-based lessons with each other. 

How does it work?

Enrolled families are sent the supply list along with their curriculum or kits each month. We also send out locations, dates, and times of each meetup so that you know exactly where to go for our classes. They will mostly take place in Sunrise, FL, or another nearby location and typically last about 2 hours . Kind Co-op will take place on Tuesdays or Fridays during the Summer. 

What to expect

Enrolled families are encouraged to interact, engage with other families, and participate in the learning. As we are a cooperative, you are invited to bring books on the topic, lead circle times, and bring supplies for your family. As this is a student-centered and self-directed learning program, students are welcome to move in and out of the lessons as they see fit. 

What to bring

For each meetup please check your email for a reminder of the supplies to bring. Please also bring water, snacks for your family, a change of clothes in case your student gets wet or dirty, bug spray, and a blanket.