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Are you tired of your child learning only about European, white-washed history? Use this guide to study Black History and to research key people, countries, and events of OUR History. This is so important for raising our black and brown children and also incredibly important for raising allies. This is also an incredible way to teach research skills and our journal makes a great way to show your child's learning. Are you in our Black History from a Decolonized Perspective course on Outschool and want your child to have a place to take notes, add projects, and have a beautiful portfolio to show all of their work at the end of our program?
This is great for homeschooling families to keep a record of what they learned over 8 weeks of our live classes. Or you can extend the learning even more as there are so many different activities and content to study deeper in each module. Each module coincides with the lecture, projects, and discussion questions with fun and hands-on ideas to extend the learning even further.
Each chapter of your child's portfolio will have up to 15 pages of activities and notebooking pages for your student to really make learning stick. That means they will have over 90 pages of learning! Here are the chapters for each module your child will complete while working through this activity guide.
1 Ancient Africa, Geography, Ancient Egypt, West Africa, Kingdoms
2 African Explorations of the World
3 African Kingdoms Spotlight: Great Zimbabwe and Ancient Axum
4 Enslavement in the Americas
5 Neo-slavery; Abolition, Civil Rights and constitutional rights
6 Black Wall Street & The Harlem Renaissance
7 Being Black in STEM
8 Civil Rights Movements and Current Events

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