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Empowering Educators: Join the Launch Your Kind Fellowship Program's 2nd Cohort Today

Have you been thinking about starting your own microschool? Well, now is the perfect time to get started! Excitement is in the air as we proudly announce that the spring cohort of Launch Your Kind is finally open!  This second cohort of LYK is brought to you by Kind Academy in collaboration with Microschool Solutions. At the intersection of self-discovery, community building, and education, this fellowship program is set to empower individuals to embrace their uniqueness and make a positive impact on the world through education.

What is the Launch Your Kind Fellowship Program?

The Launch Your Kind Fellowship Program is designed for passionate individuals who are ready to undergo a journey of self-exploration, personal growth, and community impact. This program combines the power of education and community building to nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

Fellowship Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Microschool Experience:

  • Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a specialized microschool curriculum crafted to foster creativity, leadership skills, and a deep sense of community.

  • Mentorship from Industry Leaders:

  • Esteemed mentors will guide fellows through their journey, providing valuable insights, feedback, and support to help them reach their full potential.

  • Live Sessions and Ongoing Support:

  • Enjoy 10 weeks of live sessions covering topics such as building a brand, marketing your program, designing your budget, creating an engaging curriculum, and finding founding families. Ongoing support will be provided even after the program concludes.

  • Exclusive Access to the Launch Your Own Microschool Community:

  • Fellows will become integral members of the Your Kind community, connecting with like-minded individuals who celebrate diversity, kindness, and authenticity.

  • Project Incubation and Launch:

  • The program will culminate in the development and launch of impactful projects that reflect the fellows' passions and contribute positively to the world.

  • Microschool Conference and Retreat:

  • Participate in a unique Microschool Conference and Retreat, providing an opportunity for networking, collaboration, and further education.

How to Apply:

Ready to join our first cohort starting on Wednesday, March 7, 2024? Head over to the Launch Your Kind Fellowship Application to submit your application. Be sure to check out the eligibility criteria, program details, and key dates to ensure you don't miss out on this incredible opportunity.

Want more information? Join us for an info session to learn more here.

Join Us in Celebrating "Your Kind" Launch:

Apply now, and let the "Launch Your Kind" Fellowship Program be the catalyst for your extraordinary journey.


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