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How to write a fable with your learners

Hey Kind Friends!

In this unit with the Kind Learners, we are reading Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky with our 4-8th grade group. We have had a blast learning about figurative language and what makes a Fable. We find that doing this through books the kids enjoy reading makes for more engaged students. Now that we are finishing up with the book; our end-of-the-unit project is to write a fable with them. We discussed how fables use personification by adding human elements to animals and the process of writing our very own fable. We discussed how graphic organizers like the one here help to make the planning process easier. Check out the freebie for your very own below and have fun creating a fable with your learners!

Writing our own fable - graphic organizer
Download PDF • 166KB


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