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Wild Math Kindergarten Review

Disclaimer: Complimentary Product Received

Being the Montessori and Reggio Emilia Inspired program that we are at Kind Academy means we love curriculums that focus on incorporating nature. There is just something about taking learning outside that makes it that much more engaging. Add math to it and you get the Wild Math Curriculum. We like the lessons in it so much and have used parts of it with our students so we were excited to get the opportunity to review it with my Kindergartener. Read on to discover what we think about it!

What we love

Wild Math Kindergarten is aligned with what most schools teach with their learners at this grade level. I like that you can use it as a supplement or as a standalone curriculum. It is very well organized and broken down into units so that you can pick and choose what order to go in as well as lessons you think will work best for your family. The guide gives you recommended supplies to have on hand like popsicle sticks, rubber bands, sticks, and rocks. I found that useful because it gave me ideas of what to source for our learning. I also really loved how it talks about having a math kit ready to go outside and how it also talks about how to get outside in any weather. This is a great philosophy to follow and one that we talk about often in our South Florida Nature School Program.

I really can’t think of anything I would change about this curriculum guide. For new homeschoolers having a list of lessons can feel overwhelming but the new planner portion of the guide helps to give a breakdown so this is now simplified. All in all, this is a great curriculum and one I will definitely keep in our library for my Mathy Kinder Kid!


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