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Kind Online 2024-2025 Enrollment is now open! 

Discover a New World of Learning with Kind Academy

Who we are:

Kind Academy is a network of innovative learning programs that supports unique, gifted, and neurodiverse learners. We personalize learning to accelerate when possible and fill gaps when needed, always focusing on each learner's unique strengths

The Future Of Education Is Here! 


Our Campuses 

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Montessori Philosphy


Each student is different so each program is individualized to meet them where they are. 


We accept and encourage families of all races, religions, genders, and abilities to join us. 


A Kind Parent - Miami, Florida

Enjoyed every minute of these teaching with our twin daughters. They are more engaged, excited to learn and share new learnings with us daily. They sing about KIND ACADEMY at least once a week. Great program


Seo - Hong Kong

My son, Seojin took this class for about two months and liked the teacher, classmates and what was taught. One of best part is that teacher prepares materials for class in advance and assign homeworks in several ways. Also, she is kind, patient and encouraging all kids to participate in the class. Also contents are educational as well as interesting and fun so kids really enjoy. It is really like a class!!! Thanks Stephanie.

Overall, I would highly recommend Kind Online to anyone who is considering it. It has been a valuable and enriching experience for both myself and my children.

Amanda - Pompano 

Kind Academy, for us, made the transition from another state seamless and fun for our children. Small class sizes combined with weekly - if not daily - experiences outdoors create an environment where our children look forward to walking through the doors each day. If you are a homeschooling family seeking a different sort of educational experience for your child, look no further.Kind Academy.

Statement of Inclusion

Kind Academy is a community of educators and families who work together to create an enriching learning environment. In that pursuit, all members of our community are treated with respect and dignity; all voices are honored, and all contributions are valued. Our shared mission for the school is to nurture the potential of each child; to celebrate his or her individuality; and to offer every child the opportunity to lead as well as learn, to teach as well as explore.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Kind Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, disability, or national or ethnic origin. We encourage families of every background to join us, knowing our community is richer for its diversity.

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