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Inclusive and Innovative Education at Kind Online

Welcome to Kind Academy, the online school where learning is fun, engaging, and creative! Here students can experience an interactive and personalized learning experience from the comfort of their home. We offer 2 options for learning, teacher-led group classes or 1:1 options so every student can learn in a way that suits them best. We foster an environment of inclusivity and support that encourages students to reach their full potential. Join us today and experience the future of modern learning!


Small Group Academics

  • Hands-On Project-Based Learning: Engaging approach that emphasizes practical, interactive learning experiences.

  • Small Group Setting: Limited class size to ensure individualized attention and a supportive learning environment.

  • Grade Levels K-9th: Suitable for a wide range of learners, from elementary to middle school.

  • Weekly Classes: Three classes per week, providing consistent and structured learning opportunities.

  • Homework Assignments: Additional practice and reinforcement to strengthen understanding.

  • High-Interest Topics: Curated content and projects that capture students' curiosity and enthusiasm.

  • Personalized Approach: Tailoring instruction to meet the unique needs and interests of each learner.

  • Approved for Florida Scholarships: Meets the requirements for FES UA and PEP Scholarship approval.


Personal 1:1 Program

  • Hands-On Project-Based Learning: Emphasizing interactive and practical learning experiences to deepen understanding.

  •  1:1 Tutoring: Personalized attention from a dedicated teacher, fostering individualized growth.

  • Grade Levels K-10th: Comprehensive support for students spanning from elementary to high school.

  • 4 Hours per Week: Substantial learning time to cover curriculum thoroughly and provide ample practice.

  • Homework Assignments: Reinforcing learning beyond class hours to strengthen retention.

  • High-Interest Topics: Engaging content and projects designed to spark curiosity and interest.

  • Inclusive Learning Environment: Suitable for all learners, including students with special needs.

  • Approved for Florida Scholarships: Meets the requirements for FES UA and PEP Scholarship approval.

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