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Our Team

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Iman Alleyne

Founder and Director

Ms. Iman is a best selling author, speaker, and advocate for learners. She has worked with children most of her life and after teaching Special Education in Public schools decided she wanted to create a program that would work for all learners. She earned her Master's in School Counseling in 2013 and is certified in Elementary Education, Special Education, and Guidance Counseling. She has been featured on NPR, New York Times, and Miami Times as well as other outlets. She is currently the Principal of Kind Academy, a progressive microschool located in South Florida.

Jamaal Outschool.jpg

Jamaal Alleyne

Architectural Design and Shop Class Instructor

Mr. A as his students call him fell in love with carpentry during his first shop class in Middle School. For over 25 years he has learned all there is to know about woodwork, architecture, and interior design. He also teaches 3D Rendering and Lego Stop Motion Animation classes for homeschool students at our academy. 

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Aisha Toliver

Kind Co-Director 

Ms. Aisha is the Co-Director for Kind Academy Hybrid Program. She also teaches history, social studies, math, and life skills! Ms. Aisha is the mother to two amazing daughters. She is also a certified K-6 Teacher. Her background is in radio and sports . She loves to make her lessons high energy , engaging and active! She enjoys nature and creating memories with her children. Her passions include sports, theatre, health and nutrition, radio/podcasts , and dancing.

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