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Our Team

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Iman Alleyne

Founder and Director

Ms. Iman is a best selling author, speaker, and advocate for learners. She has worked with children most of her life and after teaching Special Education in Public schools decided she wanted to create a program that would work for all learners. She earned her Master's in School Counseling in 2013 and is certified in Elementary Education, Special Education, and Guidance Counseling. She has been featured on NPR, New York Times, and Miami Times as well as other outlets. She is currently the Principal of Kind Academy, a progressive microschool located in South Florida.

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Aisha Toliver

Kind Co-Director 

Ms. Aisha is the Co-Director for Kind Academy Hybrid Program. She also teaches history, social studies, math, and life skills! Ms. Aisha is the mother to two amazing daughters. She is also a certified K-6 Teacher. Her background is in radio and sports . She loves to make her lessons high energy , engaging and active! She enjoys nature and creating memories with her children. Her passions include sports, theatre, health and nutrition, radio/podcasts , and dancing.

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Danielle Casale, M.Ed,

Operations Manager

Danielle Casale, M.Ed, was born and raised in Long Island, New York. She has been educating young minds for 19 years in both the physical and virtual settings. While she has vast classroom experience, she also has a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Florida Atlantic University.


Aside from her State Teaching Certificate, she holds additional certifications in Educational Leadership K-12, Elementary Education K-6, ESOL, TESOL, reading and gifted. She has also received awards for her implementation and usage of the Canvas e-learning platform.


When she is not teaching, Danielle also enjoys making memories with her family, including two daughters. On school breaks, they can be found taking road trips to new places. If she is not traveling, Danielle enjoys adding to her extensive scrapbook collection and relaxing with a comfy couch and a good movie.

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Rachelle Noble

Advisory Board Member

Rachelle is the founder of Microschool Solutions, a powerful new start-up with a mission to support new and established microschools! She describes herself as a soul-seer and awakener. She has three teenage children. She has been a teacher and coach in a variety of environments. She was first introduced to microschools in 2018 and has given all she could to help people get excited about and start microschools. Her greatest passion is helping adults and children to find the self-love that it took her decades to find for herself.

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Tamiko Chambers

Director of Community Outreach

Tamiko Chambers is a dynamic and accomplished digital marketing expert based in Florida. She is the proud owner of a thriving digital marketing agency, StarChild Social and is proud to serve as the Director of Community Outreach. Tamiko is also the proud mama of 2 girls who attended while she taught at Kind Academy for years.

Tamiko's exceptional blend of creativity and strategy has propelled her to the forefront of the marketing industry. Her passion for helping businesses succeed in the digital world and her commitment to delivering impactful marketing campaigns have made her a sought-after leader in her field. With her unique combination of skills and expertise, Tamiko is well-positioned to continue shaping the future of digital marketing.

Tamiko strives to bring her unique blend of creativity and strategy to Kind Academy.

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Andrea Hantman

Kind School Affiliate

Andrea Hantman is a passionate homeschooling mom, entrepreneur, and advocate for alternative education. With a background in marketing, event planning, and public relations, she has leveraged her skills and experience to create innovative programs that stimulate children's senses and support their holistic development.

Andrea's journey as a homeschooling mom, entrepreneur, and advocate has made a profound impact on the field of alternative education. Her commitment to empowering children, nurturing their unique abilities, and providing innovative learning opportunities has inspired and benefited numerous families. Through her ventures such as Patuque Time, PlaySchool Academy, and SolutionEd, Andrea has revolutionized education by championing homeschooling, collaboration, and personalized learning experiences. Her dedication to creating a supportive community and her belief in the power of education continue to shape the lives of children and adults seeking alternative paths to academic and personal growth.

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