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Launch Your Kind

Change the future of education - one microschool at a time

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Ready to impact education in a big way? Join the Kind Academy Founders Program!

Our Launch Your Kind Co-hort is officially open! Please fill out the interest list below to start the process of Launching a Kind in your community! 🌈The future is changing right before our eyes, and education needs people like you to start learning communities that are:

  • Personalized

  • Joy-Filled &

  • Diverse

Kind Academy is excited to support potential founders in their communities who would love to be able to provide a space for like-minded families. Do you wish you could start your own learning collaborative, microschool, co-op, or learning community; but have no idea where to begin?


Our Founders Program will allow you to launch your own program with coaching sessions on:

  • Finding your people 

  • Finding a Space

  • Curriculum 

  • Marketing

  • Enrollment

  • Payment Systems

  • and More! 


FAQ's about Launch Your Kind 

1. Is Launch Your Kind A Franchise? 
No, we are a network of similar microschools, learning pods, and learning communities that are supported via coaching, training, and development. 

2. What is the cost of the program?
Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we are able to offer a reduced program fee. The regular cost of the program is $3000, but currently, due to a grant, it is available at a reduced rate of $1200 for 25 aligned applicants. Scholarships are currently available for those who qualify. 

3. How many applicants do you approve per cohort?
To ensure personalized attention and quality interactions, we only accept 10% of applicants per cycle. This selective approach enables us to provide individualized support tailored to your specific needs.

4. What are we looking for in aligned applicants?
We are seeking individuals who believe in joy-based learning, are dedicated to building diverse learning communities, are passionate about transforming traditional education, and possess a deep understanding of conscious discipline principles.
5. Can I apply again if I did not get invited to another round? 

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