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Light class in Montessori kindergarten. The colorful numeric rods in the foreground. nobod

Kind Academy

is for

Future Leaders 

Our K-6th Grade Tutoring MicroSchool was developed with the idea that every student deserves individualized and personalized programs which interest them.
Our Microschool will be community-focused and homeschool friendly, with lots of time for project-based learning and building social skills.  We do things like partnering with environmental scientists to restore mangroves, building robots with engineers, or even learning about artificial intelligence with professionals in this up-and-coming field. 

Strong academics like 

Self-paced Math and

Language Arts

We serve students with special needs, are twice-exceptional, and the gifted populations. 

Individualized Learning Paths for all students

Project Based Learning for 21st Century Skills

Community as our Classroom Model©️

The Perfect Blend of online and offline experiences

Kind Coral Springs
Tuition Sc

Rolling Enrollment
Application Fee: $75 per student


2 Days


Tuesdays and Thursdays in person

MWF Online Optional

$7500 per year or $800 per month

2 spots available as of 5/19/2023



3 Days 


Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

in person

Tuesdays and Thursdays Online Optional

$11,000 per year or $1150

per month. 

2 spots available as of 5/19/2023



5 Days 

Full Time 

Mondays to Fridays

in person 

$14,000 per year or $1450

per month for 10 months

4 spots available as of 5/19/2023



5 Mornings

3 Hour 5 Mornings

Mondays to Fridays

8:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. 

Covers SEL, Math, Reading, Writing, and  Movement 

$1050 per month 

$11,000 per year 

4 spots available as of 5/23/2023


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