Introducing Kind @ Home! 

Are you worried about homeschooling and want to make sure you are doing it right? Do you want your child to have a great homeschooling experience, but don't even know where to start? Let us help you homeschool! After 9 years of homeschooling from preschool and up and becoming a certified instructor in Special Education, I have really discovered what works for most children. By combining hands on activities, interest based projects, and programs that allow students to go at their own pace; we have a system that works for kids and families! 

So what is Kind Curriculum?

Kind Curriculum provides Math, Literacy, Handwriting, Art, Science, Social Studies, Social Skills, and so much more in one easy to access program!

Here is the breakdown.

  • Perfect for 3 to 7 year olds

  • Includes 40 weeks of Math, Reading , Social Studies, and Science online program and pdf files 

  • Includes 40 weeks of  of our wonder based and theme focused Nature, Sensory, Art, and Play (Kind Curriculum)

  • Handwriting  Activities (Occupational Therapist Approved)

  • Easy to understand lesson plans and training provided 

  • Subscription based service allows you to try out different programs and do what works for you

  • Also includes access to over $500 worth of homeschool friendly curriculum, worksheets, and e-books meant to make your homeschool program even more personalized. 

  • Monthly training provided to help guide you in homeschooling with a certified teacher

Kind Collaborative

As Covid-19 continues to separate us from our friends, the social aspect is still such a tough problem we are all facing. Including our weekly zoom circle times makes sure your child is getting the social interaction they need while giving parents a time to catch up with friends as well!

During Kind Story Time, we sing, move, and read stories on the weekly Theme in our Kind Kits! 



What about Kind Complete?

Our Kind Complete program takes the guess work out of homeschooling by providing families with kits with all the art, sensory, and science activities you will need each month. Our families have been raving about our amazing nature based boxes and the kids are having a blast learning! Time to prep is one of the biggest issues homeschool parents face especially when trying to balance all of the things!

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