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Our All About Dinos Unit is here!

Allow your child (ages 1 and up) the chance to learn naturally by using our wonder-based and best done outdoors curriculum.


Sensory Explorations - a sensory experience that goes along with the week using easy to find materials


Nature Connections - Easy and engaging ways to incorporate the natural world in your child's learning experiences. 


Art Integrations - process focused art projects which are appropriate for young children


Project Based Experiences- a plethora of play based, hands on, and project based learning activities to encourage creativity, emotional intelligence, and self-directed learning. 


Social and Emotional Skill Focus - connections to help grow your young child's skills.


Language & Literacy - A book list which supports our weekly theme


Our guides  also have:

Montessori inspired printables and materials to make prepping activities easy! Our printables are included to save you from purchasing additional hands on materials that you may not have available, but are also completely optional! 


Dinosaur Printables included in this file:


  • Math: Dinosaur Counting puzzles

  • Social Skills: Play Dough Emotion Face Printable

  • Science: Parts of a Dino Labeling

  • Literacy: Dino Poem Printable

  • Language: Book List for this week

  • Dino Week Activity Log

  • Dino Week Supply Sheet

  • Digital Magazine of this week's activities

All About Dinos

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