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40 Motor Activities from Cota Mom

Being an ESE Specialist/Support Facilitator means I know families personally who are not getting therapy right now because of the school shut-downs. I recently stumbled onto this page on Facebook and immediately reached out because this mama knows her stuff!

She put together an awesome list that I want to share with our readers. The big benefit of these activities are that they are easy, you more than likely can make most of the items, and they are even great for students who are not in therapy. Check out the post below and print this pic out for your fridge for new ideas to keep your little learning, playing, and building those skills!

From Cota Mom

"Hey guys!! I know we are in a critical time and it is extremely important to take this pandemic serious. This does require us to be social distancing which could effect kids who go to therapy. With that being said, I wanted to take the time to create a list of therapeutic activities that can easily be done at home! Most of them don’t require many materials and can be easily prepared! Now now! These activities are not only therapeutic, they are fun and that means this is for EVERYONE!!!


You can see how to do most of these activities on my blog ( or this page😉if you have any questions on how to do anything feel free to message me!!


I hope everyone stays safe & well! Enjoy your babies and have fun❤️"


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