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Freebie Friday! Minibeast Edition

Each week we will add a free product to our store to help make your homeschool life easier! This week we will start with a beautiful, watercolor printable to get your child outside exploring, focusing, and observing nature and all the tiniest creatures in it! We call these minibeasts!

Get your free pdf file by going here and using the code freebiebugs. But remember it is free for this week only! So download it at soon as you can!

Didn't catch this one in time?

You can still get it as a part of our October curriculum guide or our Minibeast Guide found here! Our Kind @ Home Families are in love with this month's activities which include

Colors - Coming Soon

Halloween - Coming Soon

and the Rainforest! - Coming Soon

You can see them all through the links above!

Thanks so much Kind Families, hope you enjoy our FREEBIES!


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