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Kind Virtual Learning Pods are Here!

Want your child to learn with peers in a safe, inclusive, and diverse environment? Join us for Kind Virtual Pods. 4 days per week students will work with experienced instructors to learn and practice Math, Reading, Language Arts, and Project-Based Learning together.

This is a wonderful way for them to connect and build deeper relationships and our programs are known to be high quality and engaging. We are keeping these programs small so that your students can have the individualized attention they deserve.

What kinds of things will they learn?

While learning the core skills are important, at Kind Academy we love to also cover social and emotional skills, social justice, and of course entrepreneurship. These are embedded throughout all of our programs and in the upper grades, students will even be doing their very own Children's Business Fair at the end of our Project Based Learning Unit. This is just one of the many creative opportunities offered to our students and we can't wait to get learning with them!

How does it work? During the first half of each session, students work with their group to solve problems, create, and learn together. After that, they work on their very own individualized learning path and have our experienced instructor available to help them and instruct them so they always feel confident in what they are learning. Since all students learn at their own pace, each student gains access to our personalized programs. After a brief assessment, students only work on their own unique learning plan so that they are always growing their brains. This means students won't have to repeat content they already learned and can move forward at exactly the pace they need. Why do we work this way? We have noticed lots of homeschooling families have children that are ahead in one subject but right on target in other subjects. This is why we love personalizing learning. Students work exactly where they need to be in all subjects with our programs. Does this sound like something that would work for your learners?

How much does something like this cost?

We truly believe in keeping our programs affordable. That is why these classes include all access to everything else in our program like a study hall with learning coaches 4 times per week, access to a personalized curriculum so they can be learning at home, and of course our online meetups. Tuition starts at $300 per month for families who aren't already a part of our Kind Families and $200 per month for families who are already enrolled. We also pride ourselves on offering tuition assistance to families who need it. Just reach out to so we can learn how we can help make this something your family can access! Register here and save your spot now.


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