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Purely Preschool Review with Kind Academy

Disclaimer: Complimentary Product Received.

Purely Preschool Fall is a super cute curriculum guide that is seasonal and child-centered. I really enjoyed going through it with my now Kindergarten learner and liked having a chance to see how this curriculum worked. Here is the breakdown of Purely Preschool Fall.

What is it? The Fall unit contains 4 week-long lessons (a month’s worth of preschool!) centered around four themes associated with the season: Apples, Leaves, Pumpkins, and Squirrels.

What I loved: I love how the guide is broken down to let families know exactly what their learners will be doing. For example; this guide covers storytime, talk about it, the alphabet, early math, let’s play, science and social studies, and much more! In the welcome message, the author talks about how the guide isn’t meant to be about reciting the alphabet but more about building a love of learning and the emotions found in beautiful literature. I really like how it has a weekly schedule for you to be able to glance at and know what you are doing each day. I also love how simple the activities are and involve lots of supplies families usually have on hand.

I really do like this curriculum especially for younger kids so if you are thinking of grabbing a copy it is definitely one I would keep in my library!


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