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Right Start Level B Math Review

Disclaimer: Complimentary Product Received.

We love math around this house so we were excited to get a chance to review the Right Start Math Curriculum. Because we have been homeschooling for such a long time we have come across a ton of math programs. Right Start’s name comes up all the time when discussing extensive math programs and I totally see why.

From the publisher:

The RS2 Level B Lessons continue to build a strong foundation with number sense through quantity recognition and mental strategies by grouping in 5s and 10s using the AL Abacus. RS2 Level B includes addition and subtraction facts to 18, place value to the thousands, geometry, measurement, time, money, and basic fractions. 4-digit addition and 2-digit mental addition is also incorporated. Problem-solving and place value are emphasized throughout. Card games are included in the lessons. Review lessons are included for children new to the RightStart™ program.

Here is our breakdown of the program:

A placement test allows you to see which one to purchase. This seemed like a good fit for my mathy kindergartener who is ahead. The learning kit made our learners excited to do math. The hands-on approach reminds us of Montessori and my kinesthetic learners enjoyed that aspect of this guide. The games are another bonus of this program as gameschooling is a great way to learn new concepts and keep learning fun.

Honestly, we are a much more laid-back family when it comes to curriculum choices. We typically like programs that get to the point and don’t repeat too much. With 4 kids we just don’t have as much time as we would love so usually opt for programs that do the teaching and fill gaps instead of reteaching things all the time. This curriculum has a lot of reviewing of concepts so would work great for kids who need reminders often.

Our Final Say

For a family who may plan to go to public school, this program would more than likely surpass what they are teaching at this grade level and create a great foundation in math. We really loved everything that came with the kit and will definitely use these products as a part of our homeschooling for fun math games and review.

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