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Scholarships now available - Winter 2021 at Kind Academy

Hey Kind Families,

Whoo-hoo! Thanks to the generosity of donors; scholarship funding is available and open again! We are super excited to announce that we have won funding to help current and future families to pay for the progressive education model we have at Kind Academy! With tons of hands-on classes, meetups, and even a STEM-based curriculum - our school is ready to build even more future leaders!

Read on to discover how to apply.

Who can use this scholarship

  • Homeschoolers as an all in one curriculum and school

  • Students who need extra help to fill learning gaps

  • current families of Kind Academy

Different levels constitute different funding packages.

For the Level 1 program, we have a tuition reduction of 50%. This makes it approximately $50 per month. This is our curriculum-only level.

At the Level 2 (curriculum and learning kits for early elementary) or level 4 (curriculum and virtual learning classes 4 times per week) programs, we can offer 25% funding assistance. This will make those levels about $150 or $250 monthly respectively.

For the level Level 3 program (curriculum and private tutor) we can offer 10% of the cost of our program to effectively make it $720 monthly.

To see a detailed breakdown of what each program entails please see the description page here.

We are only able to offer this funding for 15 scholarships so please apply as soon as possible by using our easy registration and application form found below with the scholarship code for the specific level. It will reduce your tuition for the remainder of the school year by signing up and if there are spots available it immediately reduces your monthly tuition to the lower rate. We wanted to make this as easy and affordable for our families and our easy application just does that. Please just use the scholarship code below

Level 1 - winterscholar50 Register here

Level 2 - winterscholar25 Register here

Level 3 - winterscholar10 Register here

Level 4 - winterscholar25 Register here

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