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Summer J'ouvert 2021 was a blast for our families - Plus a Bonus discount for 2021-2021 inside

For families that were able to join our final in-person session for Kind Camp yesterday thank you so very much for sharing these moments with us. The goal of our program has always been to build relationships and community among families our meetups do that and so much more! During yesterday's J'ouvert celebration I noticed so much:

  • Sharing

  • Laughter

  • Joy

  • Relationship building

  • Language skills

  • Connections between parents and their children

  • Connections between parents and a community they can feel support in their decision to homeschool

Thank you again for spending these days with us! As a special thank you and a way to show our gratitude for supporting us we are offering parents a way to lock in lower pricing for our programs even though we have added the in-person meetups.

Here is the breakdown and what will be included this year

  • Core Subjects for Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science for Pre-K to 2nd grade

  • 2 In-person or 2 online meetups included that cover fun project-based learning and book clubs to build even more connection in our Kind Pods with their friends

  • *NEW* for our 3rd-5th grade students we are piloting meetups and courses geared directly for them which includes comprehensive assessments and personalized learning paths,

  • *New * - We have also added conferences and progress reports with learning coaches to help support you in your homeschool journeys.

  • We are also adding a ton of online electives like inclusive history, social studies, geography, hands-on math, book clubs, and more that you gain access to for 10% off

We are hoping to add even more to our ever-growing program and will have some exciting announcements coming soon!

Register now for $40 off any of our levels by using the code kindfriends2020 at checkout.

That means:

Level 1 will be $60 per month instead of $100 and include access to all of our programs except the Project-Based Learning Kits

Level 2 will be $$160 per month instead of $200 per month and it includes our signature project-based learning kits as well as access to all of our programs.

We are only able to offer this type of reduction in tuition to 10 families so join us now!


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