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Welcome to Back to School Year 21-22

Hello Kind Families,

This past and next few weeks are all about "Back to School". Some of your kids already might be back and others might go back soon. Some will return to a brick-and-mortar school, some others will do virtual, and many others will continue homeschooling. Whatever is your way of returning back to school we are here to support you and to tell you that we are proud of you. It has not been an easy year for any of us, but that will not stop us to keep rocking our kid's education.

Kind Academy and the enrolled families in the program have kicked off our school year today... Yay! We were so happy to see our kids in our first virtual meet-up and get to know them.

We are so excited to introduce you to our first unit of our Autumn Curriculum Collection. If you have not gotten it yet, you still have time to get our digital version in our shop. This unit is divided into 4 sub-units themes to enrich your child's learning through sensory play, nature, art, science, social studies, and social skills projects based learning. Our curriculum covers a variety of hands-on learning activities for toddlers and kids 7 years old and under. Oh! get me on this one, the older ones most of the time also enjoy as much the activities too! In this unit, you will find themes as All about me! Birds, Welcome Fall and Construction. Each theme has five activities to work on at your own pace. You can select any of our two levels, just the digital curriculum access or my favorite which brings to my doorstep all the materials we need to execute all the projects. Adding the Kind Kit is a blessing as I will have all I need at my fingertips. The planning and prep are done, so we only get to spend exquisite quality bonding time and having fun with our children. Hope you and your kids will enjoy this unit as much as we did when we created it and put it into practice at home with our children. Thank you for supporting our program!

To get access to the Autumn Unit 1 digital curriculum click here!


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