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What are the Reggio Emilia & Montessori philosophies and how we blend them

Searching for an engaging and hands on way to educate your children? Look no further than our blend of Reggio Emilia and Montessori Philosophy.

Children are naturally curious creatures and want to explore the world around them. They are always touching, feeling, and investigating with their hands to learn more. Does this sound like your child? It probably does! Young learners are especially inquisitive and need special care to optimize their learning. This makes Reggio and Montessori the perfect educational tool to help foster that curiosity and individuality.

The Reggio Emilia learning approach emphasizes project-based learning that is tailored to the interests of the child. It takes into account their feelings, learning style, and more! Reggio learners engage in adventures that involve their 5 senses, like our in person classes and global school! The style encourages the use of groups to help with their communication and collaboration skills. It’s diverse too; you won’t just have learners doing one type of activity. Reggio Emilia utilizes many forms of media and expression, including art, music, poetry, video, and others. Sensory Tables and Nature Based Learning is also a huge component of this philosophy.

The Montessori learning approach encourages self-directed learning, hands on experiences, and builds a deep understanding of the world. Montessori encourages the use of natural materials. We love how Montessori allows children to choose their own lessons and at the same time encourages children to be independent. Maria Montessori knew that children were capable of so much and we have found children who learn in this way gain important critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Parents are often surprised to hear that in Reggio Emilia education, the teachers are learners as well. Educators become much more active in this style, collecting information and creating tailored curricula as the student learns, grows, and becomes more curious about the world around them! Reggio teachers know that young learners are unique and work to encourage their students’ self-expression, logical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills. There are no standardized tests here, either. Instead, Reggio teachers listen to their students and document their learning in other, more creative ways. This active attention means that your learner will shine in their own way!

Kind Academy offers different, tailored options so you can get your feet wet or dive right into our blend of philosophies. We offer an online program, Kind Global School, where you’ll get great activities, curricula, lessons, and more! Want to make things even simpler? We’ll even you everything you require for your Reggio Emilia/Montessori activities at home here with our Level 2 Kind School Program. Our progressive Microschool opening in North Broward County in 2022 will follow all of these philosophies as well.

Kind Academy is the perfect place for you to try out Montessori/Reggio Emilia-style learning, and we are here to support you through your journey. Sign up for our newsletter for tips, tricks, and free materials sent right to your inbox. We can’t wait to see you at the Kind Virtual School or in one of our in person classes soon!


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