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Yippee it is our June Activity Calendar

Yay, the kids are out of school and we are on a break for our homeschool as well. We usually take this week or two to just laze, maybe have a bit more screen time than usual, and rejuvenate after a year of learning. This gives my homeschool a chance to reset itself and also time to reconnect with my kids. I also find that it is helpful to get the kids doing chores that I may not have been teaching them how to do while we were focusing a bit more on academics (yes, I let my 10-year-old wash his own clothes but that is a whole nother post for later).

After a few days of us not having anything really planned we usually fall back into wanting to do some fun Science, Art, Nature, and STEM projects! For this, we love to be able to just glance at a calendar, grab our supplies, and get some fun stuff going. So, here is our June Activity Calendar. This is what we will be using in our Kind Camp @ Home and it is great for keeping up with some type of rhythm in our households. Especially when you just need some ideas of things to do.

Grab your free download here!

Let us know in the comments your favorite summer activities, too! We love learning about all the cool things you are doing with your littles!


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