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How to do a graduation celebration in your homeschool: Graduation Week 🎓

One thing I love about homeschooling is celebrating the end of the year with my kids. Homeschoolers in our group love the chance to gather, don graduation caps, and take pictures to commemorate these precious moments. At Kind Academy we recognize the desire to do this as well and make sure we do a graduation ceremony annually. Read on to discover some tips for an awesome end of the year celebration for your homescholars.

  1. Age doesn't matter at all when it comes to doing an end of the year graduation in your homeschool. I've done graduation parties with 1 year olds and looking back at those pictures is great. My now 10 year old saw his graduation cap we are using for 2021 graduation and he is already excited to Party!

  2. Activities: I really love to have some cool things for the kids to do. We like to pick a theme to go along with our graduation. This year we will be doing a Welcome Summer Party with bubbles, beach balls, swimming, healthy fruit platters, and of course; friends.

  3. Crafts: Adding a few crafts or art activities to the event makes for cool take home items. This year the kids will diy their own graduation caps at one station, decorate memory boxes with splatter painting at another, and add their own pictures to the box to personalize them.

  4. Reflect: Our graduation celebration is usually a time when we start to think back on everything we learned over the previous year. This year was very different for lots of families and reflecting on how much we grew and experienced is an important reminder to appreciate life. Our social and emotional theme for this month is reflection for this reason. Allowing our scholars to write down 3 of their favorite things they learned or did this past year helps them to pause and helps their brains to grow. The kids even got journals in their Homeschool Learning Kits to have a space to write their reflections.

  5. Next year: Our annual celebration naturally gets us thinking about the next school year. Now is an excellent time to start talking to your children about what they want to learn next year or a time for you to start thinking about what you want to improve in your homeshool next year. Before your know it we will be right back to homeschooling and learning even more!

  6. Have fun: Finally, make sure you have a blast at your end of the year celebration! Let your child let loose and relax and hopefully you can too. If you homeschool year round like we do at Kind Academy, we usually take a much needed break after our graduation for about 2 weeks. This rejuvenates us so much that the kids can't wait to get back to academics and mom can't wait to get back to teaching either.

Hopefully these tips help you to plan an awesome end of the year celebration!

Do you plan to do an end of the year celebration with your homescholars? Let us know below!


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