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Our Top Ways to Celebrate May Day with your children

Hey Kind Friends!

Have you ever heard of this almost forgotten holiday? May Day falls on May 1st of each year and it was once a very popular holiday where families would spread joy by hanging a basket of treats, flowers, and presents on the doors of their neighbors. I haven't had a chance to celebrate this one with our Kind Kids, but I thought it would be fun to celebrate with our Virtual Kind Family! Interested in seeing the crafts and activities we do this week? Check our some of our favorites below!


Stella loves her family and her Mexican heritage, but she doesn't always like being different from the other kids at school. Now her class is going to dance around the Maypole at the school's May parade, and Stella wants her tulip costume to be special, even if she won't look like the other girls at school. Sometimes being different can be exciting. This touching story that celebrates diversity is based on author Pat Mora's mother's childhood and is brought to life by Elizabeth Sayles's evocative paintings.

Illustrated by Elizabeth Sayles

There once was a lass

with hair like a nest

who walked out in her sleep

on the morn of Mayfest.

And what happens to this lass? She is pursued by a dove, and then a huntsman who fixes on the dove, a mouse who frightens the huntsman, a cat who chases the mouse, and so on—until an entire village is caught up in a spontaneous Mayday parade! Written in a delightfully catchy rhyme, this story is a treat to read aloud. Onlookers will love following the merry band of unforgettable characters that grows larger and more ridiculous with every turn of the page.

Sensory Play

Flower Petal Soup

This is such a wonderful sensory experience for the kids. All you need are flowers and water to make this one so go on a quick nature walk or head to the garden and pick some flowers. Add water to your sensory bin and the petals of the flowers and let the kids dive in. If you want this to be even more engaging, add ladles and bowls to their play.

Nature Walk

May Day Nature Walk Bingo

Each week we take nature walks in our class and we think it is such an amazing way to grow gross motor skills, increase focus, and boost moods. Kids love having the opportunity to look for things on a checklist so for added fun we do things like Nature Bingo. This week we have a cute printable you can download from our shop to go along with May Day!

Fine Motor Skills

Make a May Day Basket

A May Day basket is a great fine motor skill booster and gives kids a chance to be creative as well. Check out how to make your very own below!

Supplies needed:

  • Paper

  • Crayons or markers for decorating

  • Nature treasures for adding to your basket

  • Any presents or treats your child wants to add

  • Twine or rope of some sort to make a handle


Talk to your child about what May Day means and why we are celebrating it this year.

Have them think about who they want to give their May Day craft to and allow them to decorate it with crayons or markers. Fold into a cone shape and then allow your child to put their treasures inside. Punch holes in the sides and then tie the twine through to make a handle. Voila, your May Day Basket is complete!

Flower Pounding Station

Another really cool fine motor activity you can do with your kids this week is setting up a Flower Pounding Station. We pull this one out at least twice a year with the littles because they enjoy it so much. All you need is a hammer of some sort (we like the wood ones found here) and flowers. Lay out an old sheet and let them go wild! The smell in this station is always an added sensory bonus!

Art Activity

Flower Petal Collage

The last fine motor/ art activity I have for you guys for this one is creating a Flower Petal Collage! If you have a canvas panel this works really well, but plain paper is fine, too. Grab flowers, paper, and glue and let your child have a blast creating a beautiful keepsake!

Social Skill:

Give your May Basket away! This week we remind our children the importance of giving to others. By making a May Day Basket and hanging it on a neighbor or family member's door, we evoke the desire to feel good about gift giving. This helps to build the social skill of Social Awareness; an important competency meant to build empathy for others.

Well, I hope you enjoyed playing and learning with us this week!

We are so glad you joined us and look forward to sharing next week's activities with you!


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