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Virtual Spring Break: Mud Kitchen

This has to be one of my very favorites to do with kids! It is sooo easy and can literally keep kids occupied for such an extended period of time. Not to mention the sensory fun, measuring skills, and opportunity to get messy while baking in mud kitchen!

Supply List:

Here's what you will need (you probably have most of these in your cabinet, but feel free to grab what you need with the affiliate links below)

This is the book- Spring by David A. Carter we read for the kids and they looooved it! It is a pop-up book and is definitely something I am glad we added to our own library. It has gorgeous pictures of different animals and plants and is illustrated beautifully!

  • dirt, sand, or just plain water

  • Kitchen utensils like pots, pan, and spoons - I like this set because it feels real since it is stainless steel, but kids really love using adult size utensils too!

  • a strainer or colander if you have it

  • a measuring cup

  • any nature treasures you want to add


Now here is he fun part; put the dirt, sand, and/or water into bowls and get to a place that can get messy. Let your little one explore the materials by mixing, pouring, and scooping. Feel free to play with alongside them if you want to or use this newfound free time to catch up on a good book!

Whew! Well that was fun! See you back here, tomorrow for our Spring Nature Collage!

Love mud kitchen play? We had hubby build one a while back but there are some really cool ones here if you need one right away!

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