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Virtual Spring Break: Nature Collage

Spring is in the air! We have been having the most beautiful and breezy weather lately! Enough to make you want to go outside and go for a nature walk. One of the regular activities we do as a part of our Nature PlaySchool classes is go for nature walks! The kids and parents love the fact that there is always something new to discover and that is what we will be doing for today's activity!



1. Go on a Nature Walk and let your child collect natural items that are beautiful, or special to them. You can use pretty much anything to collect in; we love using buckets, paper bags, egg cartons, or baskets. This is a great activity to improve identification skills, gross motor skills, and a general appreciation for nature!

2. Come back home and let your child squeeze glue onto the paper you chose. Glue squeezing is awesome for fine motor skills, and most kids go through a phase where they squeeze a whole lot of glue. Use a tray under your paper if needed lol!

3. Let your child stick their nature treasures all over the paper and glue to create their very own nature collage

4. Voila: admire the awesome Spring Nature Collage you created and don't forget to share it in our group!

Ready for tomorrow's activity and Potion Play? See the details here!


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