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Welcome Fall, Freebies, and More!

Yay! As Fall is approaching and the Florida weather is starting to get a little bit cooler (not really yet though), at home we are getting ready to enjoy all our favorite activities from our Kind Kit. From Sensory Mondays to Art Wednesdays and this week we will be baking Apple Chips on Friday (click here to get your FREE recipe); we are very excited for the upcoming week. This Tuesday we will be meeting in person again with the Kind Co-Op and Mrs. Bess is getting a fantastic "Weather" mini-lesson ready for all of our children to enjoy!

Here is some good stuff to remember this week:

On Wednesday, September 15th starts National Hispanic Heritage Month. This is something that is not very relevant in many schools; so to all our Hispanic/Latinx-a-o community please share with us "Who are some people we don't learn about in schools that we should study for Hispanic/Latinx-a-o Heritage Month at home?" We would love to listen to some music from this culture and anything else you may have suggestions to do... Sylvia Mendez is on our list already.

Also, to our Jewish community, we wish you a good Yom Kippur starts at sundown on Wednesday and ends breaking the fast on Thursdays at sundown as well. Open our wish card here!

Then, to close the week "Constitution Day" is on Friday 17th. FREEBIE HERE!

My kids can't wait for the week ahead to come; Kind Learning Pods are rocking! (click HERE for more info). The teachers are keeping the children engaged and happy, they keep forward every morning to get in the virtual classroom just for an hour of class, then see all his friends during Study Hall.

Well, I think this is all I have for this week. Stay tuned to our next Blog.

We would love to see pictures of all the activities you come up with, and if you have the Kind Kit please share, share, share with us all you do. Feel free to email us back or join our Facebook Community to get to meet you. Let's get creative and share!

I will leave you with some images from our past Birds week. Always Enjoy, be Happy and keep spreading Kindness to our beautiful world!


Andrea Hantman

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