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Welcome Ms. Andrea to our Kind Team

It is time to spotlight another one of our awesome Mods! Welcome Ms. Andrea Janna to our Kind Team. Ms. Andrea joins us with a wealth of child development and fun activities geared towards learners ages 0-3 especially! Here are 5 fast facts to know about Ms. Andrea!

  1. She is a mama of 2. Sofia is 5 and Daniel 7.

  2. She is from from Venezuela and is fluent in Spanish.

  3. Her family loves to travel and loves food and cooking

  4. Daniel has ASD which has made her a big advocate for children and special needs families. She is a huge believer that most of our children's behaviors are due and triggered by sensory regulation.

  5. She is a Zumbini leader as well as founder of Patuque Time and knows how to make learning fun!

In her own words "Why I support Kind? I identify myself with Mrs. Iman as a mom entrepreneur. Supporting her and her business and her community, brings me joy and even more enjoyment when I see the happiness and delight within each family that participates in her program, my kids included!"

I am super happy to have her join us to help us continue growing!

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