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Virtual Spring Break: Beach Day

Ahh the ocean! Being in South Florida probably means you take being able to go the the beach for granted. Now that the beaches are mostly closed due to Covid-19; we had to figure out a way to bring the beach to us.

The ocean is so full of wonderful and majestic creatures and our family recently spent some time in Naples, building sand castles, and watching the seagulls fly by. I couldn't wait to bring some of the ideas I got back to our learners!

Here are the supplies needed for today and each day's activities:

Here are the activities for this day:

1. Join our Facebook Community as we go live to read our Beach Theme Story: if you are viewing this after 3/23/2020 just search Beach Baby to find the video storytime

2. Paint/Draw or color a beach scene with blue, green and beige if you have those colors on hand! Don't worry if you don't have those colors available; this is meant to be a way to get creative with your little ones, so use your imagination and any colors you can find!

3. Don't forget to post your pics in our group of your finished project! We can't wait to see it!

Ready for Tomorrow's Mud Kitchen Theme? Let's get the party started here!


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